Cartons & Trays

Customer’s first impression and experience with your food begins with the presentation and packaging. The cartons and trays are designed to withstand whatever you’re putting in it with an easy-to-assemble design. Hot and greasy food? Make sure it’s grease resistant and has air vents to prevent sogginess. Cold food? Poly-lined (PE) packaging will help protect the food. Eating on the go? Make sure it’s sturdy like the Endura range. To make eating and serving easier and quickier? Go for wider and pre-formed packaging like the Lunch Boxes or Pail Paks. Not only does it save time, it also saves storage space with the in-built lid for the Pail Pak. Made of quality material and lining from sustainable sources, it adheres to food safety regulations and most items are suitable for both hot and cold food. Items can be customised, which is great for branding and are also modern alternative to plastic containers that’s less environmentally friendly.

Also, there is Detpak’s cupcake range which includes separate cupcake holders that fits neatly and securely in a single box so it prevents your cupcake from getting damaged. With the window display, food item can be easily viewed. Simple and effective, the boxes are packed flat to reduce storage space.

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